It’s been less than a month since Porsha Williams and her baby daddy ended their relationship but it looks like she and their baby daughter, Pilar Jhena are doing just fine! As fans remember Porsha supposedly dumped Dennis McKinley amid rumors that he had cheated on her.

Now, she took to her IG to share a super cute pic of baby PJ and in the caption, she noted that she’s happy despite the drama with her baby daddy by writing: ‘Life is good.’

But then again, it makes sense that she would feel nothing but bliss upon seeing her adorable bundle of joy safely tucked into her car seat like that.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s child was wearing a pink dress and a big flower clip while riding in the car with her mom.

The snap was so cute that fellow RHOA celeb, Cynthia Bailey gushed over it in the comments as well, saying that it ‘Made [her] smile.’

Porsha has been sharing a lot of cute photos of her baby on both her and PJ’s platforms, much to the excitement of fans who can’t get enough of her chubby, dimpled cheeks!

However, this particular post seemed to be even more important since it let her followers know that she is doing great after the separation from her estranged fiancé.

The same thing cannot be said about Dennis however since one source tells HollywoodLife that he ‘has been heartbroken over the breakup and is doing everything to win her back. He loves his family with all of his heart and really cannot imagine living without Porsha and PJ every single day for the rest of his life.’

They went on to also allege that ‘Dennis knows he is not perfect and knows that he has a lot of work to do if there is ever a chance of winning Porsha back. Right now he is just focusing all his attention on work as a way to distract him from the drama going on.’

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