Porsha Williams has a personal cook who makes sure that she eats as healthy as possible while staying as shape as well. She shared a clip on her social media account, showing off some of the meals.

The coolest thing is that Snoop Dogg agrees that Porsha’s meals are something else.

‘PERSONAL CHEF / Meal Prep ALERT: Chef Colin @onepanpapi is keeping me on point with these delicious meals!! Everything was good as hell lol Follow & Book him here in ATL you won’t regret it😋 onepanpapi@gmail.com’ Porsha captioned her post.

Snoop Dogg hopped in the comments and exclaimed: ‘Wow’

Another follower said: ‘This is the best thing I’ve seen on Instagram all day! 🤤😋’

Someone else posted: ‘Ummmmmmm that looks 👀👀 delish sis… @porsha4real can he come to NYC!!!! My birthday is Monday & that would be everything to complete my bday month! I’m salivating lol’

A fan wrote: ‘Wow, that looks delectable. I need him in my life. Wish he was here in NJ.. # Salivating.’

Another follower said: ‘That’s right living your best life while they’re miserable and jealous!!! #hunks!!!’

Not too long ago Porsha posted a message on her social media account which addresses the issue of overthinking.

She definitely doesn’t agree with this and wanted to make sure that her fans also know her opinion.

She hasn’t said anything too clear so far about their relationship, and fans have been trying to read the signs of her IG posts and they keep guessing what and how she’s doing based on her posts.

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