More horrible news surrounding R. Kelly’s case surfaces. The Shade Room reports that more s*ex tapes featuring Kelly and underage girls have been turned in by his ex-employees.

TSR reminds readers that he has been taken into p*olice c*ustody for a second time not too long ago.

‘According to the a*ttorney representing his a*ccusers, Kelly’s own circle finally had enough of his a*buse,’ writes TSR.

TSR cites data coming from TMZ and says, ‘Gerald Griggs, who represents Joycelyn Savage’s family, says authorities in the Northern District of Illinois have uncovered over 20 videos. The videos allegedly show R. Kelly engaging in s*exual acts with underage girls.’

People are outraged in the comments and they want these ex-employees who knew about the tapes i*ncarcerated as well.

Someone said: ‘but when they were his employees they were ok with it? Send them to j*ail too.’

Another follower wrote: ‘So the employees aren’t getting detained for keeping those tapes for so long?’

Someone posted: ‘Arrest the employees also why did they have those tapes,’ and a person said, ‘They need to go to j*ail too like u held on to it u just as guilty.’

Somoene else is on the same page as the others and said, ‘they were really holding onto these tapes for all these years 🤔 lock them up too.’

A follower posted: ‘Talent does not mean u smart or have a great character. Karma is the biggest gangster of all time. Everything you do in the dark will one day surface to the light 💡. May the Lord be with him.’

What do you think about the fact that these ex-employees had the tapes for such a long time?

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