Regina King Lifts Up Regina Hall As She Becomes The First Black Woman To Receive The NYFCC Award For Best Actress...

Regina Hall officially became the first Black woman to receive a New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress when she accepted the honor on Monday night at the NYFCC awards gala.

Hall broke the 83-year-old glass ceiling with her role in the comedy 'Support the Girls,' sharing in an Instagram post, "So honored to be the first Black woman to receive the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress."

But what's better than one Regina winning an award? Two. Regina King accepted NYFCC’s award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in 'If Beale Street Could Talk.' She also picked up a Golden Globe for the same film on Sunday.

In her NYFCC acceptance speech, King expressed how excited she was for both of "the Reginas" to be present and receive recognition.

"To have this time to share with you, sis, oh, God is good," King said. “I love you so much. You make me laugh. You make me cry. We have shared so much emotion and love together."

Congratulations to two of our favorite Reginas!