Reginae Carter could not be prouder of her dad, Lil Wayne and she praises him on every occasion she gets. She shared a photo, and a video from one of his performances and her brothers were also on stage next to him.

Nae said that she definitely has to teach these kids how to turn up when they’re sharing the stage with their father. Checkout Reginae’s post below.

Someone said, ‘Reginae do the most over her daddy ❤️ I know that’s right teach em 🔥’ and another follower posted: “Poor kids don’t know what to do with themselves😂😂😂’

One commenter believes that ‘Them kids probably wanted to go right home and play Fortnite 😂’

Somoene else slammed haters and said: ‘Y’all wouldn’t understand why she go so hard for her dad cuz y’all dads were never in y’all lives 😩’

A fan said that ‘She loves her dad so much. I’m sure if he had a desk job she’d be cheering for him the same way like “Yassss Daddy you better send that email and print those papers!!” 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾’

In other news, Nae has upset fans with her latest move. As some assumed a while ago, she’s back together with YFN Lucci after she broke up with him a little while ago.

Nae’s fans were thrilled that she finally dumped the young rapper who they were saying that doesn’t deserve her.

Fans have been begging Nae to forget about him and move on, but she did the exact opposite – she took him back.

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