- A boy, 10, walks 55km to school daily because he lives in an isolated area

- He was spotted by a biker riding through the area

- The biker gave him a ride home.

A 10-year-old boy walks 55km to get to school every day.

The young boy was spotted by a biker named Tim Burke as he was riding through the empty plains of rural Namibia. Johanas walks that trail five days a week. He usually tries to hitch-hike but walks if he can't get a ride, all to learn to read and write.

Tim came across the young boy as he was on his way back from school. Feeling sorry for him, he gave young Johanas a ride on his motorbike. "We threw some eye protection (gas-station sunglasses) on his face and Johanas got his first ride on an R1200GS Adventure." He added that they couldn't get a helmet that fit him so they had to ride slowly and carefully. He dropped him right at the front door of the dirt-floored, corrugated-metal shack that he, his brothers, and his mom share. Tim shared the story on his social media account and many were left saddened by the young boy's circumstances. Facebook user Moha Khadar said: "It moved my heart, let’s open a go fund as I’ll be the first to donate. Thanks for sharing such."

While Brittney Laramee said: "Eye-opening! This is such a beautiful yet heart-wrenching story." Nomfanelo Baba said: "Thank you for your kindness, and giving the young man a ride."

Source: Briefly.co.za

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