Shaunie and Shaquille O’Neal have been sparking lots of reconciliation rumors lately. On an episode of Basketball Wives that aired Wednesday night, Shaunie was curious to see what her son would think about them getting back together.

Currently, on the show, Shaq is making sure that his family is safe after a r*obbery was attempted on the former basketball wife’s home. While unpacking in her new pad with her son, she confronts him about ordering expensive food via Postmates.

When Myles hit back that she orders from the same classy restaurant, she explains that it’s because she doesn’t have a date to go with. Myles then suggests that she should call his dad.

Shaunie responds: ‘I don’t want to go on a date with your dad. He wants to go on dates with me!’

In confessional, she explains: ‘In Shaquille’s mind, I think I am always gonna be his wife even though that’s not the case. The love is always there and he’s one of my best friends and we have a great time together and our kids love just being a family.’

She then asks Myles how he’d feel if they did date. Myles says he isn’t sure before Shaunie chimes in that it isn’t even an option.

She goes on to say: ‘They’ve seen us not in a great place and now they see us in a great place and they’re like ‘What the h*** is going on here?’ Nothin’. Nothin’s going on here.’

In March, the former NBA baller stole a kiss from his ex-wife showing that things were more than amicable between them.

Just last month Shaq said that the reality star was ‘his’ but Shaunie insists that she is absolutely not getting back with her husband.

Whether they decide to rekindle their flame or not, it’s great to see that the ex-couple is able to co-parent so well for the sake of their children.

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