Tamar Braxton knows that she has something precious with David Adefeso and she has decided to take steps to protect it.

A few days ago, the talented singer took to social media, and she shared a sweet photo where she is hugging the businessman while sitting on a bed.

People with too much time on their hands jumped in the comment section to bash the couple. Tamar was not pleased with the negativity, so she decided to erase all the meanness.

David and Tamar recently posted a sweet video where they are dancing, and fans loved the cute moment.

One supporter shared: “You know what I love about this? He never loses contact with you for too long. If he isn’t caressing your hair, his hand is on your back, and if his hand isn’t on your back, he’s reaching for your hand to hold it. 💖🖤💖🖤”

Another commenter wrote: “They are genuinely in love, you when a woman finds love rightly, it’s like a clean, glowing stream that you just want to want all the day, the waves, groves and the splash, if you know you know 😉😉😉”

Recently-released legal documents indicate that Tamar and Vincent Herbert’s official marital status has been changed, and they are both now listed as single.

What remains now, according to reports, is to finalize the split of the couple’s assets.

This is reportedly also the main reason why the split between the two has been taking so long, and it was not because they were trying to get back together.

According to sources allegedly close to the couple, that was never even on the table, to begin with.

Even though their relationship had lasted for a while, they simply could not figure out a way to keep things going in a reasonable manner.

It looks like Vince has been dealing with some additional problems on his end, as he has been involved in a financial dispute with a recording company.

His landlord is also reportedly not happy with him, as he has not received payment in quite a while.

It is not clear if this is related to the legal troubles around Vince though, or if it is a separate issue that he has caused himself.


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