Prayers are going up for Tamela Mann as she recovers from undergoing surgery. According to the Christian Post the gospel singer had to undergo a double knee replacement.

Mann shared a message to fans on Instagram and said, “Hey everybody … surgery was successful.

Thank you for your prayers. I haven’t gotten up and walked yet but that’s coming…I just love everybody I just thank my family and all you guys prayers out there and all the calls I got, I really appreciated and I couldn’t [have] made it without everybody, so thank you so much.”

While Mann was in surgery her family wore t-shirts that read “#TeamMann” in the waiting room.

The day before the surgery Mann announced it on Instagram asking everyone for prayers through this process.

She said, “I’m nervous, so my nervous energy is … I’m really emotional so I may be crying a little bit but y’all be praying.”

Although Mann is a busy entrepreneur and entertainer she will have to take a break to recover. We will continue to keep Tamela Mann in our prayers.

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