On her birthday, Tiny Harris received an impressive gift from her husband T.I. and it was a total surprise as well! The rapper tried to be romantic by using one of the tropes in romance movies, more precisely, the one where the man puts the engagement ring in the champagne glass for a surprise proposal.

Only Tip was not proposing since they are already married and it was not a ring.

Although it did have diamonds (and rubies) it was actually a necklace!

Oh, and also, it was a cocktail, not champagne, and the Xscape singer needed to finish her drink to find her expensive present that T.I. had carefully picked out for her 44th birthday.

It’s a well-known fact that T.I. likes to go big or go home when it comes to surprising his wife and this time was no different.

Tip took to social media later on to show off the beautiful jewelry that featured rubies and diamonds surrounding them.

At the time, the couple was at a bar with close friends, celebrating her birthday.

T.I. asked the bartender to hide the necklace at the bottom of her glass which still allowed her to see it.

The clip has T.I. dedicating a toast to the birthday girl and then asking her ‘was your last drink that heavy?’

It was a hint that there was something special in this particular cocktail and Tiny lifted the glass to see it but T.I. told her she needed to drink first before she could finally grab it.

It was extra hard to do that since the drink was apparently very strong.

As soon as Tiny took a sip, she put her hand up to her mouth, as if to wave off the bitter and burning taste.

In the end, she used a straw to get it out and after taking a good look at the necklace, Tiny decided that she absolutely loved it.

She jumped up to hug and kiss her husband, obviously grateful.

Before the vid ends, Tiny can be seen wearing it and it is safe to say it looks stunning!

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