Mama Tiny Harris is celebrating her 44th birthday and she is getting showered with by her husband, T.I., who has gone the extra mile to make her happy.

The Xscape singer had a lavish party over the weekend and T.I. showed up with some massive diamonds which he dropped in a glass that contained her signature drink and told her to get to the bottom to find her surprise.

The rapper and activist also wrote a sweet message to his wife that the best is yet to come.

T.I.P. had this to say: “All Bullsh*t aside… It’s

A pleasure to Show Out &

Pipe UP for the Queen 👑 Each and every year…. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Harris. We’re all thankful & blessed to have

you in our lives,reminding us that Life is for Laughter & Living!!! I’m fasho gon see to it that your cup runneth over with All my Love,Forever More… Side Note: The best is yet to come… Aint no turnin’ down, Jack!!!! TUH😤 Not on MY watch👀… HellisYouSayin FOOL🤨?!?!

#HappyBirthdayMrsH 🥰💙❤️🧡💛💚#NobodyDoesItLikeBigDaddyHarris”

Tiny had this response: “I love you so much…thank you for all the “amazing surprises u put together for my bday & all the endless love u give me!! So thankful for u Big Head🤪 I’m even more stoked about what’s to come , but nothing tops spending my life with you!! You already know this.. but you the Muthafukn Man Big Daddy�.�😻😋🥰😘🙌🏽👏🏽💯

She added: “When yo man says the best is yet to come!!! Thank you to my husband/best friend @troubleman31 for always making sure I know I’m loved & feel extra special.

Every surprise & thoughtful gesture I appreciate more than you know!! You drive me insane but what’s a strong, real loving relationship without a Lil crazy!! Your better half loves u till then end of time😜 #BigDaddyMrHYouTheMan #18yrsNCounting #AlmostTimeToCelebrateOur9yrUnion #ICouldaPutSomeMakeupOnIKnow 🙏🏽👑😻😘💯 ♋️season!!!”

Nicki Minaj had this message for Tiny: “HAPPY BDAY MAMA‼️‼️‼️♥️”

Fans are happy that the couple has been able to work out their issues.

One person stated: “They worked through their issues and fixed their MARRIAGE. Why are all of you so invested. She forgave him, and that’s all that matters🤷🏾‍♀️.”

Another commenter stated: “My brother always says that T.I will never leave Tiny and won’t let her leave him cause she’s a real ride or die. It is clear he does love her very much but man oh man the bs that comes with that love. Lol. This was cute and happy she enjoyed herself.”

Tiny is appreciated by many.

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