Diva Tiny Harris is a woman in love and is not afraid to show it to her husband, rapper T.I., while at an event in Miami, Florida.

Recently, T.I.P took the stage in the Sunshine State where he gave one hell of a concert.

Before the show, the power couple posed for photographers, and they gave them a moment to remember.

The reality TV stars showed off their edgy sense of fashion, and Tiny told the world that T.I. is hers as she gently held and caressed his hand. Will their daughters — Deyjah Harris and Zonnique Pullins — endorse the interesting look?

The parents of seven bright children have been through a lot in the past years, (cheating drama, divorce, Internet feuds with other celebrities), and they have managed to reconcile and keep their family together.

In Tiny related news, she is also taking the stage and pushing her solo career without the ladies of Xscape. Using her sexy alter ego, she calls “Ryder,” Tiny is taking her bedroom skills to the recording studio and the stage, and it is hard for T.I.

A source told Hollywood Life: “Tiny respects her husband’s opinion, and she always takes it into consideration, but there are certain situations where she has to go with her own instincts, and this was one of them. At the end of the day, she’s an artist, and she needs to express herself. Channeling Ryder is something she is doing for herself. She’s not going to do anything that will disrespect her husband, that’s not her style.

But she also sees nothing wrong with following her own path as an artist, she’s a very headstrong woman, and this is a passion project for her, that’s why she refused to back down.”

The insider went on to say: “T.I was very jealous when he found out that Tiny was planning to share Ryder with the world. But jealousy isn’t bad for their marriage if anything it gives things a little spark. They have such a deep bond that these kinds of disagreements could never tear them apart. As much as T.I. can be opinionated at the end of the day, he’s always going to have Tiny’s back.”

This couple looks ready to take over the entertainment and political worlds. Do you think they found their groove as a couple?

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