Tiny Harris Responds To Critics Who Bash Her For Staying With Alleged Serial Cheater T.I. Because Of The Lavish Lifestyle — See Video That Sparked Heated Debate On Infidelity And Polygamy

Well, Tiny Harris wants people to leave her alone when it comes to her relationship with T.I.

In a new interview, Tiny was asked about the critics who say she is staying with T.I. who cheated on her because of the expensive gifts, trips, and lavish lifestyle.

The Xscape singer said while she is not OK with the cheating, she knows there is some love between her and T.I.P., and she can make the romance work.

She also slammed the female haters who are judging her life when their men are running around with other women. The interview went viral, and fans and foes have a lot to say.

One person stated: “In other words, if it’s worth it 💰, work it 🤔Soo those who keepin it 100 with her automatically are assumed to be in a worse situation than her??…😒 The speaker of truth really ain’t got no friends.”

This second follower added: “Polygamy has been around for centuries. I just say Love Is Love and no one can tell another person how to love or how to think or what they should do it’s up to each individual but at the same time abuse is abuse people just have to determine their own path and do what’s best for them People don’t need to speak on other people’s relationships period.💯”

This critic said that Tiny and Reginae Carter should seek relationship counseling: “Well, when you go to social media and cry about infidelity in your marriage then wonder why ppl comment and are involved.. .girl bye.

You and reginae Carter need help. In conclusion, would you rather cry in that Rolls or Camry? ”

A fourth supporter defended Tiny’s life choices and asked others to respect it: “Some women can put up w infidelity. They know they’re men are dogs always have been and that’s what they grow accustomed to. I couldn’t do it but to each their own. What’s for me isn’t what’s for everyone else. It’s life 🤷🏽‍♀️Y’all leave the people alone I don’t blame her don’t leave your man girl unless you are doing it for you ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ the one who talking done stayed with their man but he ends up leaving them so they miserable.”

Is Tiny right to stay in this complicated marriage?