Toya Wright’s BF, Robert Rushing, Finally Explains Why He And Reginae Carter’s Mom Are Not Married Yet; Monica Drops A Few Bombshells About The Situation

Uh-oh, Toya Wright is in some serious trouble with her boyfriend, Robert Rushing, but with friends like Monica, she will get out.

Robert, a businessman, has been with Toya for several years now and they share a beautiful baby girl named Reign.

Many fans have been asking Toya, when will she get married to this wonderful man. As it turned out, Robert wants to marry Reginae Carter’s sexy mother, but she has refused.

Robert shared a picture on social media and called Toya out: “And she still scared to get married.”


Toya called Robert petty, and Monica explained the following: “You know what 😂😂😂 @mrrushlife my friend ain’t scared at all! all got dresses ready @toyawright tell em.😂”

Monica added: “man we bout to show you something lmao.”

One backer of the author said: “Marry that man❤️ all of us trust him which means if he breaks yo heart all us got yo back!!! Go tie that man DOWN! That’s a good man! Reign is a baby made out of love! GO LOCK THAT FAMILY IN!”

Another follower wrote: “She’s not scared to get married, she’s scared of the outcome…….doesn’t want her 3rd marriage to be classified as “insanity”……….she’ll get there, her heart is still healing, but she still has to bring those doubts and fears under submission……..#BlessingsI’m sure you’ll continue to be understanding. Sis has been thru a lot. A real man such as yourself knows what you have and don’t mind waiting until she’s ready. Peace, love, and blessings to the both of you. 💞”

This supporter had the following to say: “That’s not cool because if that man wants to honor her, she needs to let go and let god! Also, this man is different if he ain’t different then I can understand her hesitation. When you hesitate then you basically saying he not different.”

A fourth person revealed: “Damn he put you on the spot like that sis, and you better show him New Orleans people ain’t never scared 😂😂😂😂 but marry him already. You have every right to be afraid of your past but don’t push him away cause ppl get tired of waiting, go be happy we like him sis 😩 , and you seem very very genuinely happy with him.�💕💕”

Robert might have to be patient with his lady.