Amber and Ruby Oyinsan (Photo: Instagram, Titithedynamite) Source: UGC

- A 6-year-old girl identified as Amber Oyinsan has captured the internet's attention after a video clip of her confiding in her mother emerged online

- The witty young child can be seen complaining about school and informing her mother of how difficult the work in school is

- In encouragement, her mother tried to reassure her of her abilities.

Parenthood can be beautiful but it also come with its challenges. It takes the effort of a dedicated and brilliant mother and father to overcome the struggles and raise bright children. Media personality, Titi Oyinsan, who is a proud mother of beautiful twin girls, recently shared a post where she tried encouraging her daughter to try to overcome the challenges of school work. In a video clip which has gone viral, the young girl can be heard complaining about the demanding work at school. Young Amber told her mum that the puzzles they give them require her to think fast and she finds it hard to do. In response, her mother encouraged her and told her to get ready to practice as it will make her perfect. Amber and Ruby are two lovely sisters whose parents are doing all they can to get them the best education as well as raise them to be beautiful young women.

Watch the viral video below:

After the clip caught attention on social media, many people had a lot to say, with most questioning the curriculum of the school. Here is how the father of the twins responded:

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