Zinhle, wearing the hat she 's*tole' from AKA. (Image Source: Twitter)

A lovely woman shared how she 'got the land' and SA rejoiced for her, a shack turned out to be gorgeous on the inside, Enhle Mbali and DJ Black Coffee are going through a lot, and AKA got adorable with his bae, DJ Zinhle.

A beautiful lady, who has been identified as Kheswa Lamla, took to social media to show off her new house. Briefly.co.za gathered that Lamla shared several photos of her new house and thanked God for making her dream a reality. "Waited three months for this day to arrive. Property transfer done, I'm finally a home owner. This is my first house, I got land. Thank you God," the post read. Read more:

Mzansi social media users were left pleasantly surprised after a shack was revealed to be more than what it looked like. The tin structure looked like a low-cost house on the outside but was instead like a beautiful modern home in the inside. The pictures of the house were shared by Twitter user ThabzDaVocalist and captioned: "A Good example of what they mean by the phrase..."Don't judge a book by its cover" It has received over 900 likes on Twitter with many expressing surprise at the shack interior.

Rumours started some weeks ago that something's not right between Enhle Mbali and DJ Black Coffee. The word 'infidelity' was also thrown around. Black Coffee was a*ccused of being unfaithful to Enhle and having an affair with Cathy Lobé, the ex-wife of international celeb DJ, David Guetta. He denied this and said there's nothing between them. However, it is now believed that the rumours were true, as Enhle has allegedly filed for divorce. Enhle refused to comment but it's believed that she's opting for divorce for the sake of her own happiness. A source close to the couple said the actress was not happy in her marriage at all.

Cam Modisane took to social media to reveal that he obtained his PhD degree in accountancy. Modisane gushed about his doctorate degree and his affiliation with the EFF - which is famous for prioritising education. "Allow me to re-introduce myself: I am Dr. Cam Modisane and I hold a PhD in Accountancy. I am also a disciplined member of Ward 112 King Nyabela EFF Branch," he wrote. Modisane added: "We are a government in waiting and arming ourselves with education!"

One of South Africa's favourite celebrity couples, AKA and DJ Zinhle, recently had their fans gushing when things got cute on Twitter. Zinhle shared a selfie with her followers and (naturally) had lots of compliments coming her way. One comment was a bit of a surprise though - a remark from AKA. He a*ccused his lady love of s*tealing his hat but didn't really sound very upset.

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