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White Florida Deputy Points Gun at Black Man in Traffic Stop That Began with Easy-Going Chat

A traffic stop over tinted windows ended in Florida deputy Aaron Blais drawing a g*un on motorist Rocky “Money” Rudolph, Jr and the driver pulling off with the deputy hanging from the driver side window.

An edited video obtained by Atlanta Black Star from the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office shows the i*ncident unfolding over nearly 10 minutes.

The Blais initially pulled the driver over to tell him his SUV’s windows are too darkly tinted, per statute. Banter was exchanged back and forth for several minutes but the situation e*scalated when the deputy said he noticed the smell of m*arij* uana and asked Randolph why that was.

At several points in the video, the o*fficer can be heard y*elling, “put your hands up” as the driver frantically pleads with him.

“Please,” the driver said. “I didn’t do nothing, sir.”

As the pleading driver ignores the deputy’s order to put the vehicle in park and turn it off, the deputy begins sh*outing repeatedly for Randolph to obey his commands and apparently draws his g*un. The driver reaches toward the deputy and begins moving the SUV, stopping it briefly, and then takes off with the deputy hanging from the window.

Randolph is now f*acing attempted m*urder ch*arges.

Watch the full encounter HERE.