An emotional Angelina Jolie dropped her oldest son, Maddox, to college miles away, and many were wondering, why was Brad Pitt not present?

Several videos have surfaced showing, the teen with Jolie as he toured the Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea.

In the clips captured by Instagram users @xx_efu and @Richard.S.Choi, the actress can be seen chatting with students and faculty members and giving a brief interview.

A source spoke to PEOPLE and said the 18-year-old has a strained relationship with Pitt at the moment.

Another person revealed to Hollywood Life that the actor and filmmaker is very proud of his child and added: “Brad is so proud of Maddox and how he is heading to school on his own terms. Brad is proud of all his kids and is there for them through thick and thin.”

The family friend added: “It is not doom and gloom. It’s actually far from that. [Brad] may not get along romantically with Angie anymore, but he definitely wants to get to a place where they can coexist because a healthy relationship with Angie means a healthy relationship with the kids. Brad wants to be on the same page as the kids and Angie so they can coexist cordially and share as much love as possible.”

It has been revealed that Maddox’s siblings plan to visit him, and they are already missing him.

The pal revealed: “Shiloh [Jolie-Pitt, 13] and her brothers and sisters are all still getting used to the idea of Maddox going away for school.

He left a few days ago for Korea to get settled in before school starts for him (his first day of orientation is August 26) so it’s a done deal.”

The youngest of Jolie-Pitt clan will be using the latest technologies to stay in touch with Maddox while he is away hitting the books: “They are already missing him, but it’s probably going to take some time for it to sink in that he’s moved out. They will absolutely feel the loss, but there will be lots of FaceTime calls and lots of visits, Maddox has promised them all that. And it’s not an empty promise. He’s the most devoted big brother, so even from far away, he will still stay very involved in all of their lives. It’s not like he’s going to go off and forget about them.”

Will Brad make peace Maddox anytime soon?

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