CNN in Talks to Bring All-Black Panel Show to Network

CNN is working to bring a quadruple dose of Black excellence to viewers through the development of an all-Black panel show.

According to Page Six, CNN is interested in hiring contributors Angela Rye, April Ryan, Andrew Gillum and Bakari Sellers after the group received a positive response following their appearance on “New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman” to weigh in on the Democratic debates last week.

“CNN is fast-tracking talks… to develop it into a stand-alone show,” a source told Page Six.

As of right now it appears the show might start off as a weekend show which would put it opposite of the Rev. Al Sharpton and Joy Reid on MSNBC.

Fingers crossed the network finds a way to place the show during a time where viewers won’t have to choose.

We’ll keep you posted, but for right now, more representation is always good news!