It is hard for Kenya Moore to post anything online without a flood of criticism coming her way.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star recently took to social media and she uploaded a picture of her baby daughter, Brooklyn Daly, crawling around and wearing a protective helmet.

The new mother, who struggled for many years to have her miracle baby, is taking measures for her not to h*arm herself.

One critic m*ocked Kenya by writing: “Curious how any baby had made it through crawling without one 😂🤣 Come on!”

The same woman added: “When we were children, we MADE it without seatbelts, car seats, helmets, child-proofed homes, and protective gear of any kind for that matter. Nevertheless, for CHILD SAFETY reasons discovered in more recent years, most of those things listed are now REQUIRED by law. So, in actuality, there is nothing really strange about this adorable scenario. Who knows, very shortly it just might become a new addition to that lengthy list of child safety requirements.”

This person defended Marc Daly’s wife by writing: “Some of yall can get sneezed on and get pregnant. Some of yall can trip and get pregnant. 😒 It’s HARD for some of us. So we are going to be extra with our lil miracle unapologetically. Instead of j*udging yall should try to emphasize as mothers and realize you may not have felt the t*repidation of losing a child, you worked so hard to bring here. Keep on Kenya. We proud extra gadget super protective moms. 🍼❤🔧”

Another commenter shared: “Likely nervous about her being in a home or homes unfamiliar to her. First-time mommy fears. Hopefully, she has a partnership with the company that makes them.”

This follower revealed: “Especially when they are crawling around a 1mph around the room. Bs, children i*njure themselves from running, climbing on things, not crawling like a snail. Now, crawlers can get into lower cabinets and pull out stuff. My niece did 43 years ago, she drank Lysol at 2 and almost d*ied if anything parents need to keep locks on lower cabinets and watch your kids today and get off your damn phones.”

What are your thoughts on Kenya’s baby helmet? Do you think she can help RHOA‘s ratings with season 12?

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