Kenya Moore keeps sharing various pics on her social media account featuring baby Brooklyn Daly. Fans and followers always say that they have never seen such a happy baby.

Kenya shared this one photo that had fans in awe.

They praise her happiness and the fact that her mom dresses her like a little kid, instead of some IG model.

‘Have a beautiful day! #miraclebaby’ Kenya captioned her post.

One follower said: ‘Her smile is like SUNSHINE on a cloudy day! 😀🌞☀️’

A fan posted: ‘I LOVE that u dress her like an innocent little girl and not an Instagram model. Her beauty is ENOUGH and it’s everything!’

Someone else shared: ‘Never have to wonder if baby Brooklyn is happy😆💕💕💕’

One person wrote: ‘OMg beautiful babycakes 😘😘😘. Look at those little teeff!’

A fan posted this: ‘Little beautiful Princess Brook, Your big smile has already made my day an happy one😂😂😂💙💙’

Someone else gushed over Brookie and said: ‘Oh my goodness just when I think baby Brooklyn couldn’t take a more beautiful picture she does. Wow, what a beautiful ray of sunshine💗’

A fan posted: ‘She’s so adorable… ovaries are jumping 😍😍😍’ and another follower wrote: ‘Brookie just growing by the day…With her gorgeous lil self.’

Just the other day, it was reported that Kenya shared a photo featuring Gizelle Bryant, and people are here for it.

Fans are praising both ladies, and some of them say that Gizelle should replace NeNe Leakes on the RHOA series.

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