The whole community commemorated Nipsey Hussle these days and celebrities have been posting various heartfelt messages on their social media account. They wanted to mark the day Nip was born, and they penned various emotional messages and posted all kinds of pics and videos featuring the late rapper.

Lauren London also shared a message on social media and Tanisha Foster, also known as Chyna Hussle, who is Nipsey’s former girlfriend and the mother of his daughter, has paid tribute as well via a sweet picture and message.

Lauren was seen together with Nip’s sister, Samantha Smith and fans were really happy to see her laughing again.

Someone posted: ‘She is smiling yessssss, she is healing slowly I love it 💙💙’

A follower wrote: ‘I feel so sorry for her but at least she got to experience a real king ♥️’

One commenter wrote: ‘She’s 300% down for her man. Respect 🙏🏾🙏🏾 She’s very strong’ and another person said: ‘Nipsey sister being there is a blessing, having people there for you really Uplift’s your sprit 💙💙’

Someone else wrote: ‘Lauren smiling is probably all Nipsey would’ve wished for on his bday 😩 so happy to see those dimples again. When they rode past the store and said “happy birthday baby “ I Nearly lost it 💙🏁 the marathon continues.’

A follower posted this: ‘Whew Lawd her strength! She’s so beautiful & so trill!!! 😍💙I can only imagine the type of conversations they had. 🥰 i love LOVE’

MC Nipsey Hussle would have celebrated his 34th birthday on August 15.

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