People Can't Stop Trolling Offset Over This Picture Of His Hand

Little Hanz.

Just a few days ago Cardi, took to Instagram to give her fans on an up-close-and-personal tour of her garage and all the insane cars she shares with her hubby, Offset - which included: her blue Lamborghini, the Lambo truck Offset had bought for her, her black Maybach, three of Offset's black and red rides: a Wraith, Bentley truck,Rolls Royce truck, their black Porsche, an orange McLaren, and a huge raised truck with an orange interior. This time, it was Offset's turn to hit the Gram with his own flex, showing off his a neck (and hand) decked with some pretty insane ice, alongside the caption "IM BLACK AND IM PROUD. Rip JAMES BROWN." However, it's not the drip that has people talking but rather: Offset's hand.People couldn't help but notice that the Father of Four's hand looked smaller than the rest of him. Indeed, if you take a look at the picture its pretty much the first thing you're likely to notice. The hand, which is gloved and fisted, appears to look, well... pretty much like an infant's hand.

And, as they are, fans were QUICK to flood the Migos member's comment sections with remarks asking just wtf was going on, as well as roasting Offset. Some just took to pointing out how miniature it looked, but others questioned whether it was really even his hand, with one user saying "who tf hand is that!? 😭😭😭" and another remarking "That can't be his hand 😂😂😂." Some other users even comically compared the little guy to the butler from Scary Movie 2's own tiny hand. Check out some of the funniest comments below.