The Vadoma People Of Zimbabwe With Ostrich Toes Allegedly Descended From Aliens Thousands Of Years Ago ­

The mysteries of the world we live in are often in plain sight, and many times humans overlook them, as they chase other flimsy trends and social conditionings. The various stories of creation and human beings all over Africa, when pieced together form a historic, spiritual, and social framework of our race.

But how do we piece these stories together when urbanization has eating so much into our core and stolen aware the minds of or people.

The Vadoma people are the only ancient African ethnic nationalities in the world who have this rare and unique type of toes. They should be a special breed of people in the world. Africans should pay them regular visits to understand their story.

The Vadoma people are also known as the Bantwana people – Bantwana means descendants/children. They dwell in the Northern region of Zimbabwe, in the Urungwe and Sipolilo districts which are situated in the valley of the Zambezi River. The Zambezi river remains one of the many feelings of pride in Africa. It is the fourth-longest river in Africa, preceded by River Niger, river Congo, and the River Nile, in no particular order.

Till today, the people of Vadoma tell stories of their ancestors and how they intermarried with their remote ancestors from the Sirius star system. They said that their alien ancestors had features of birds and that the intermarriage with their women caused a mutation/enhancement of their DNA, which resulted in the two toes of their people.

The elders of Vadoma tell of the ancient ancestors who established a dwelling on the human solar system which they called Liitolafisi.

A similar story is told by the Dogon people of Mali, about the aliens who came to live among them thousands of years ago from the Sirius star system.

The two-toed or “Ostrich-toe” nature of the Vadoma people makes it impossible for them to wear any shoes, so they always walk bear-footed. The characteristics of their toes which are turned in make running and walking somewhat difficult for them. The good attribute about their toe is that it enables climbing of trees very easy.

Their people have been known for farming and hunting, as they are among some of the first hunter-gatherer ethnic nationalities in the world.

When viewed from the eyes of modern scientist and medicine, the two-toe condition of the Vadoma people is termed “ectrodactyly”. It is said to be an autosomal dominant condition which is caused by a primary mutation on chromosome No.7.

Till today, there are laws in the community that prohibits intermarriage with those with this condition. But those who are descendants of the mixture of humans and alien parents have continued to marry and grow their population.

There are also other tribes with this condition who we believe are close or distant relatives of Vadoma people.

They are the Eastern Shona Kalanga people of the Kalahari desert.


The more we advance in time and in the information age, we are blessed day after day, with hidden truths about this world and how it has related to other parts of the universe.

Many of the truths which history have revealed have come as a shock and surprise to many adherents of Christianity and Islam, who center their knowledge of the beginning of creation on Adam and Eve in the Bible.

It is our duty as conscious liberators of the African mind, to marry history, myth, legends, prophecies, archaeology, and science together, in our bid to make sense of our journey as humans through the earth. And so, we will continue to dig to find stories such as these and offer our own opinions about human existence.

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