T.I. Is The Master Of Magenta Together With Gorgeous Tiny Harris – See Their Latest Pics Together

Tiny Harris and T.I. took part at an important event in support of Teyana Taylor. Both of them have shared pics on social media and the couple looks fire.

Fans are praising them in the comments.

‘Loving love & life… Mr & Mrs H.. YAKWTFGO my mother in law betta than yours lol.. I adore her @vimommati 👑🥰😻💘💯 Glam @almightyexperience @latashawright styled by @troubleman31 😏 📸 @giftedtalents #TipNTeyanaShortFilm #You,’ Tiny captioned her own photo.

Someone commented: ‘Damn I Love Seeing Yall Happy & That Smile!!!! Real King & Queen Of The South 💩!! Put Some Respect On It! 💯♥️🙌🏾’

A follower said: ‘Life and love looks great on you!!!!!!!!!!!! That Team work came THRU Mr.Fashion himself always gota show us how multi-Talented he naturally is 😩😂🙌🏽 😍’

Someone said: ‘Just as it should be.❤️🙏🏾 Everybody not that blessed!! I have always loved y’all relationship. Some mother-in-law’s are jealous of their son’s relationship instead of loving who love their SON!’

‘Master of Magenta And The Mrs.👑’ Tip captioned his own post.

Someone commented: ‘Yasss I love tiny she so damn beautiful and talented it’s crazy.’

For a while, Tiny has been flaunting blonde hair in her latest pics and people are gushing over her beauty in the comments.

On the other hand, more haters say that she’s doing all that she can to look white.

Tiny could not take this anymore, especially since she hasbeen explaining people hat she’s half white and half black and she got the best of of the two.

She responded to the hater and s*lammed the person.