God will always show up for us when we are in trouble or facing our darkest fears, we just need to have faith and believe in Him.

Willie Myrick, a 10-year-old boy, was born to parents who are atheists.

However, his godmother, Codetta Bateman, taught him about the bible, took him to church and helped him grow his faith in the Lord. Little did he know that his faith in God was going to be the thing that saved his life in the future.

The young boy faced one of life’s worst n*ightmares when he was k*idnapped from his front yard while playing with his dog.

The ki*dnapper put Willie in his car and drove around Atlanta. At first, Willie was very scared as he thought the kidn*apper would h*urt him.

The young boy kept signing the song without stopping for three hours, even though the k*idnapper kept th*reatening him.

However, his fear soon turned into faith, and he burst out singing Hezekiah Walker’s “Every Praise,” a well-known gospel song.

The young boy kept signing the song without stopping for three hours, even though the kidn*apper kept th*reatening him.

After a while, Willie’s singing got to the kidna*pper, who left him in a random neighborhood, before driving off.

Willie’s favorite song not only comforted him in a potentially d*eadly situation, it also saved him! “I knew it by heart, I could sing the whole thing by heart.

If you praise the Lord, He will help you in a mysterious way.” He said.

Willie ran to a nearby home and where he was able to call his godmother.

Willie believes God is his best friend. He said, “I always believe God is with me wherever I go. Like when am in bed, He is at the chair just watching.”

Willie’s story made headlines across the world. He was invited to numerous talk shows and even got a chance to perform his song of deliverance with Hezekiah Walker, thanks to the media attention he received from his testimony.

While he is enjoying being in the spotlight, he says he is just an ordinary kid who serves an extraordinary God.

He said, “It really doesn’t matter to me. As long as I still have Jesus and he’s still working, doing his little magic, well it’s not magic, it’s just power.”

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