An Indian woman who gave birth to twin girls at the age of 74 is believed to be the world's oldest new mother.

Mangayamma Yaramati, 74, and her husband, Sitarama Rajarao, 82, used in vitro fertilization to conceive the babies.

The girls were delivered Thursday by cesarean section in Nelaparthipadu, a village in Andhra Pradesh state in southern India, news agency SWNS reported.

"The mother and the babies are doing well," Dr. Uma Sankar, the woman's doctor, told BBC Telugu.

The couple said they had tried for years to get pregnant but couldn't, the BBC reported.

"We are incredibly happy," Rajarao told BBC Telugu after his wife gave birth.

Some have criticized the couple, questioning how they will be able to care for the children and what would happen to the babies if the parents were to d*ie.

On Friday, the babies' father s*uffered a s*troke and was h*ospitalized, the BBC reported.

The woman who was previously believed to be the oldest new mother in the world, Daljinder Kaur, is also from India.

She was believed to be 72 when she gave birth to her son in 2016.

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