Google Maps snapshot showing the submerged vehicle of William Moldt. (photo credit: GOOGLE MAPS)

The remains of William Moldt were found in his car which was found submerged in a pond in Wellington, Florida, which was visible on Google Maps, according to the BBC.

Moldt was reported missing in 1997, after failing to return from a nightclub. He was 40 the day he went missing.

The i*nvestigation conducted led to a d*ead end and was a*bandoned.

The p*olice received a report of a vehicle submerged in a pond on Moon Bay Circle, Wellington, Florida.

Moldt sk*eletal remains were found in the vehicle that was pulled out of the water.

The vehicle itself was found by a former resident of the area who looked at it through Google Maps. The image clearly shows a s*ubmerged vehicle in the pond.

The former resident contacted a current resident who then sent his personal drone to fly over the pond and confirmed the finding, alerting the p*olice.

The most astonishing fact is that the Google Maps picture showing the area has been up on Google Maps since 2007, but the vehicle went unnoticed in 2019.

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office told the BBC that Mr Moldt is presumed to have lost control of his vehicle and driven into the pond.

It is believed that a shift in the water level is what made the difference between being able to identify the submerged vehicle with ease now, and that during the i*nvestigation conducted in 1997, the car could not be seen.

according to a report by the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, Moldt, who it was noted, was not a frequent drinker, had a few drinks at the bar, lost control of his car and was never heard from again.

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