A little girl died on her ninth birthday after crashing her bike into a curb and impaling her neck on its handlebar. Charlene Sipes was killed in the freak accident in Hodgenville, Kentucky, on Tuesday, with the impact severing an artery in her neck. Charlene’s mother Tiffany discovered her lying stricken on the rural road and carried her 200 feet back to their home, according to WDRB. The youngster died at the scene, with Tiffany sharing a heartbreaking tribute to her young daughter on Facebook afterwards. She wrote: ‘This isn’t supposed to be real.
It’s supposed to be a dream. Im going to wake up and it’s all a nightmare. ‘My beautiful baby. My smart and loving and funny baby. ‘She was so funny. She loved to laugh. She loved to make other people laugh. ‘She had the stars in her eyes and such big dreams. ‘Big big dreams. I don’t want to do this without you, baby. ‘I don’t know how to do this without you. You were the sun. You were my stars. My everything. ‘I love you more, baby. She said: ‘Charlie was a charming, caring student who was loved by her teachers and her peers. This is a terrible loss for everyone who knew her.’ Wilkerson said the school had drafted in a crisis team to help students come to terms with their schoolmate’s awful death. Charlene is survived by her mom, dad, a sister and three brothers, with a GoFundMe page set up to raise funds for the grieving family. Family friend Lisa Deweese, who is organizing donations, wrote: ‘Charlie spent her last day on earth celebrating her 9th birthday. I know it was a day filled with love.’ She called the youngster ‘an independent, headstrong kid,’ and said Charlene ‘lived in a home full of love’ with parents and siblings who were utterly devoted to her. Her loved ones have asked for people to wear brightly-colored clothing to Charlene’s visitation, saying the youngster was ‘a bright light in everyone’s lives.’
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