After Joseline Hernandez posted a captivating new photo showing off her assets in a stunning dress, many of her fans rushed to congratulate her on her great looks, commenting on how great she looked on the captivating background behind her.

However, it did not take long for some of her followers to start raising their eyebrows, and a peculiar question began to circulate at some point: are the leg and foot of Hernandez Photoshopped in her recent picture?

Some have pointed out that her leg and foot seemed a bit out of place in the sh*ot, with strange proportions that were not what her fans were used to from her previous pictures.

Some attributed that to the odd angle at which the photo was taken, but others were still not convinced.

In the end, many brought up the idea that the former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star and ex-girlfriend of Stevie J might be using the help of some digital tools like Photoshop to improve her appearance.

One person said: “Bad Photoshop hell the heel is thicker than the other, and it looks like a Flinstone foot when she has nice slim feet.”

Another commenter stated: “hell, my first question was, why she is standing like that. HURT! Lol, then I noticed her foot 😂 it Make sense. That dude is literally with you for your money 😂😂😂 he knows like we know that you slow lollol.ep buying your new boyfriend card and jewelry and watch he rack up and dip lol.”

This social media user wrote: “So why is her foot like that.

Joseline, you cute and sexy, and I like him for you, your swag is different in a right way.😉👍👍👍”

And while that is just speculation, for now, it does seem like the idea has gained some traction in the comments under the shot, with many of Hernandez’ fans now egging her on for apparently trying to fake her looks.

This is not exactly in her style in the first place, so it is not clear where the truth lies right now.

Hernandez, who loves to f*eud has surprised many because she has not responded to any of the a*ccusations, although she would likely be smart to do so, given how much more c*ontroversy she could potentially generate with a move like that, and the way this could create a pointless drama with her fans.

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