Man scams multiple women he pretended to be in love with out of $2.1million

A man who p*retended to be in romantic relationships with multiple women on dating apps, got them to collectively give him $2.1million. He spent the money on Spas, Skin Care, trips, and other luxuries.

A New Jersey man is a*ccused of s*camming multiple women collectively out of a few million dollars.

P*olice say Rubbin Sarpong made his v*ictims believe they were in romantic relationships with U.S s*oldiers who were overseas.

It’s reported that the dating s*cam started in January 2016, and stopped only this week, September 2019.

The p*olice say he posted social media posts bragging about his wealth, which were used as evidence.

P*olice say the photo above is one of the dozens of photos that led them to i*nvestigate Rubbin.

It’s reported that Rubbin garnered $2.1 million dollars over the span of 3 years from 30 v*ictims.

Women wired him large sums of money, some around $5,000, and one wired him as much as $28,000.

Videos he posted online show he went to different luxury spots like spas, vacations, high-end restaurants and more.

Rubbin also has a wife, and she didn’t say anything to defend him in c*ourt. Rubbin made his first appearance before a j*udge Wednesday in Camden.