Patricia Williamsand her daughter Nicole and Kerri have built an empire of McDonald’s franchises in Los Angeles, California. Together they employ more than 700 people in the community and generate annual revenues worth almost $50 million.

In April 2017 they opened their 13th outlet for the franchise. Patricia was inspired by her relatives who owned franchises of McDonald and so she also started and today.

She has reached a whopping thirteen outlets of the franchise. Thirty years ago she was working as a rehabilitation therapist, and her husband was a cop in the LAPD. But then the couple decided to cash out their retirement plans and take a small business loan to enter the business of fast food. They opened their first outlet in the year 1984. According to them it was not so easy. As to become an owner you got to spend some time in the McDonald as an employee.

And get the required training and attend the classes.

It was a three-year program and she had two daughters to look after. But she says that it was the right thing at the right moment and she went ahead with the training program. She practically jumped at the opportunity. Because the brand was growing in popularity in the 1980s the first outlet of theirs became an instant hit. And soon they were planning for the second store.

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