Porsha Williams’ Latest Video Featuring Baby Pilar Jhena Has Fans Saying She Has The Same Face As Her Dad, Dennis McKinley

Porsha Williams’ shared a new clip featuring her daughter, Pilar Jhena. Fans say that baby PJ looks exactly like her dad. Check out the cute baby here.

‘Like father like daughter!😂 we ain’t even on the hwy yet 😴😴🤦🏾‍♀️’ Pilar captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘They have the same face, like literally the same face ☺️’ and a follower posted: ‘Imagine carrying someone for 9 months and come out looking like the dad #Ultimatebetrayal.’

One fan wrote, ‘Lawd look at these twins!! you didn’t do nothing but just carry this baby…lol. She is him all over! 😊🙌🏾 #twins.’

A follower said: ‘They both look good and full, breakfast must been lit.’

Another fan wrote: ‘Twins need plenty of rest keeping up with Lady Boss Queen!🤣 You are so wrong for this footage!🤣’

Someone else said: ‘Omg this is how PJ stays so pretty she gets her beauty rest.❤️Dennis is probably just exhausted😄lol’

One follower posted: ‘Aww! She loves her little bunny rabbit 🐇! She sooooo beautiful @porsha4real ♥️😍♥️’

Recently, Porsha shared more photos and clips lately on her social media account. She managed to impress fans with her flawless hourglass figure.

She’s wearing an animal print skin-tight dress which shows her gorgeous figure even more.

Porsha is living her best life together with her baby girl, PJ and fans could not be happier for her and her fiance, Dennis.