The boyfriend of Tamar Braxton, David Adefeso, recently came out with an old photo showing him with a short haircut, drawing some mixed responses from his online followers.

Some even joked about his appearance, claiming that he was unrecognizable because they only know him with long dreadlocks and noting that they were interested in the response of Tamar herself.

And for those who were hoping to hear what she might have to say about David having short hair, the star has decided actually to open up on the situation.

Tamar seems to be taking things on a humorous note, jokingly posting “Who dat man??” as a response to the picture.

Her reaction has drawn a lot of attention from her fans, with many noting that this was among the best things she could have said in a situation like this.

Will David himself go back to his unrecognizable old haircut though? That is hard to say, but he did admit that he was fond of how he looked with that style.

Perhaps the businessman is planning a significant change in his looks in the future, but for now, his dreads are clearly part of his image and are not going away anytime soon.

One fan had this reaction: “Both are nice, but the short hair profoundly distinguishes the insight of your kingly anointing. With newness comes to change, and change births trying something over in a new way. 👑👋🏼”

Another commenter stated: “Keep the locs bro. Shows strength and patience. Keep the dreads. They’re sexy. Everybody can’t pull them off, but you do.”

This person said: “I wonder why you don’t show your patience then? 😂😂😂😂Sounds hypocritical to me! Locks come with a stereotype in these United States & you know it!!

I know coz my hubby & I have had em & deal with these injustices daily!!”

This fourth comment read: “You look great with dreads David! It fits your face. Do what makes you and your Tamar happy, you look good both ways.”

However, if David is paying attention to the comments people have had to share about his appearance, he would be wise to keep his current hairstyle and not do anything at all with it.

Not that he has given any indications that he might be considering a change anytime soon anyway, but i is still interesting to think about whether fans might see him in a new light.

Tamar seems to like her man either way.

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