Kevin Hart and other black men gaslighting Lil Nas X on HBO’s The Shop going viral. Kevin and the other black men ragefully ask him in a frustrated way “how could he be afraid of being gay/coming out”, and “why did he come out” “why did he feel the need to do it”.

Kevin Hart is under f*ire on social media for the way he and other black men acted towards Lil Nas X.

People are a*ccusing the men for acting c*onfrontational or f*rustrated towards Lil Nas X’s reasons for coming out.

Like Nas X said he was scared to come out, and a black man there and Kevin Hart angrily asked him asked him why.

He told the men it’s because he grew up being s*cared of being gay, and grew up in an environment where he was f*orced to hate homos*exuality.

Lil Nas X was shocked that that was even a question, since h*omophobia is looked at as t*errible in the black community, to the point where those in the LGBT’s lives get taken.

Fans are coming after Kevin Hart especially, since he made h*omophobic jokes in the past and condemned it himself.

Here’s the video:

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