3-Year-Old Hospitalized After Woman Stabs Him In The Face In Street In Front Of His Parents

A woman was captured on CCTV stabbing a little boy in the face before attempting to slash his little brother in a random street attack.

The distressing footage from a street Tbilisi, Georgia, has emerged online, showing a woman in the act of stabbing a 3-year-old child in the face.

The little boy was attacked as he held hands with his mother as his sibling and father walked behind them in the street.

According to reports, the offender was a 51-year-old woman the victim’s family say they have never seen before.

In the attack, which left the three-year-old with deep cuts across his nose and cheek, the woman is seen approaching the child, pulling a knife out of a black handbag and slashing him across the face.

The woman then starts to walk away before turning and attempting to stab the second child. Luckily, the father pulls the younger child away before she can make contact, before running after his attacker. But the father backs off as the woman tries to attack him with the knife.

Police discovered the CCTV footage which was captured by a nearby pharmacy, and were able to track down the attacker.

According to Metro, the 51 year old attacker was picked up by police the next day, and faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

The boy’s family say they have never seen the woman before, making her vicious attack all the more unexplainable.

As per reports, an ambulance rushed the boy to hospital where he underwent surgery and will remain admitted until his condition improves.

Please remember to say a prayer for this world we live in. May God protect our children.

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