A paraglider in the ACT made a near perfect landing until he was greeted by some not so friendly natives.

Jonathan Bishop was coming in to land at Orroral Valley in Namadgi National Park, near Canberra when his GoPro camera captured some seemingly curious kangaroos coming over to say hello.

In the footage, Mr Bishop can be heard saying “Hey what’s up Skip?” as the marsupial hops over to the landing site before the 35-year-old has even hit the ground.

As paraglider Jonathan Bishop came in to land he was greeted by a territorial kangaroo. (YouTube)

The abrupt kangaroo came running at Jonathan Bishop and immediately started belting into him. (YouTube)

Mr Bishop’s enthusiasm quickly turns to concern as the territorial kangaroo immediately starts taking a swing at him.
“Hey f--k off, ahh f--k off! Go away!” he yells, realising how much trouble he might be in.
Luckily for Mr Bishop, the kangaroo didn’t stick around after the first strike and hopped back into the park with its fellow furry fighters.

Luckily for Jonathan Bishop, the kangaroo just laid into him with one strike before fleeing the opposite way. (YouTube)

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