A woman in Boston captured the aftermath of a racist incident with a local truck driver on camera and uploaded it online for the world to see.

NeNe Judge’Mayo uploaded the cellphone video to her Facebook page Sept. 9 before posting it to YouTube five days later.

“Jeff from Robert Towing 25 Goodenough st Brighton Ma told me to go get my n—a husband 🤦🏾‍♀️ but what’s so crazy about this situation he pulled his phone first trying to taint me and ended up saying something racist 🤷🏽‍♀️the whole video 3 mins long but I’m only able to post 1 min on here for some reason (Probably open up my page for a few days so y’all can share it),” she wrote in the Facebook video’s caption.

In the footage, a white truck driver utters “Because of your f–king n—er husband,” as he walked back toward his truck. The man was identified by Judge’Mayo as Jeff who works for Robert’s Towing in Brighton, Massachusetts.

“Oh, my n—er husband!” Judge’Mayo said to which Jeff replied, “That’s what I said.”

“Yup! That’s what you said! I didn’t say nothing racist to y’all!” she said before adding “Maybe you should look me up. My last video of a white man went viral, of the motorcycle girl that hit the news. I bet you this goes viral, too.”

The video Judge’Mayo is referring to is a clip posted to her Facebook account that circulated in August 2018 when she was trying to park her motorcycle in Boston. As she did, an irate white man shouted at her, stating the neighborhood of Dorchester is “my neighborhood!”

“Yeah, that’s what I said. Now go!” Jeff responded to Judge’Mayo’s remark that the footage of the current tow truck driver would go viral.

“This is going to be a good one, that’s what you said right there,” Judge’Mayo announces.

“You’re going on Facebook, too, hun,” Jeff says as he records her on his own cellphone before Judge’Mayo says, “I didn’t call you a cracker, I didn’t say nothing racist, though.”

The clip has garnered tons of reactions online.

“They don’t like us, Never Did, Never Will.”

“And he’s sober so he knows exactly what he’s saying”

“UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!With all the interracial marriages in society, today, what would make him think that your husband is a black man? RACISM, THREATENING, UNPROFESSIONAL at its finest. This man should not have a job!”


Robert’s Towing has not publicly responded to the video of their alleged employee making the remark, but a Facebook user did leave a comment on the company’s Facebook page Sept. 10 asking, “Is this reflective of the values of Robert’s Towing?


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