When I was growing up, MSN Messenger was just becoming a thing. I saw the move from the courtyard cruelty to the social media meanness. I saw it get worse and worse as the distance between the person bullying and the person being bullied grew. I saw how easy it became for a group of girls to single someone out and torment them. I saw how easy it was to shut down the computer for the night and forget those typed words as if they were nothing at all. I saw that they weren't nothing at all. I saw those words crush confidence and break hearts. I honestly shudder at the thought of where all that went with the emergence of social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. It pains me that bullying these days is so bad, kids are coming home crying...kids are dying. One town has had enough. They've implemented a new law that aims to combat serious bullying and protect our children from cruelty — at a cost.
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