An armed man has been arrested after he ran down people in a stolen ambulance in Oslo, Norway.

Norwegian police said they shot and wounded the man after he hit a family of pedestrians.

A woman pushing twin babies in a pram were among those hit, police confirmed.

Both the woman and two babies are being treated in hospital, as are an older married couple.

Police press officer Anders Bayer told reporters: ‘One child is slightly injured, while the other is unclear.’

Police detaining the man on the ground next to the damaged ambulance that he stole (Picture: AP)

The man was arrested after police fired shots at the vehicle, although the suspect was not critically injured, police said in a separate statement.

The ambulance was stolen from Oslo University Hospital at around 12.30pm.

A hospital spokesman told Reuters: ‘Two babies were injured after the hijacked ambulance hit a family.

‘They are twins, seven months old, they are being treated.’

Public broadcaster NRK showed images of an ambulance driving in the Torshov neighbourhood of Oslo while several gunshots rang out.

The hospital spokesman said two of the hospital’s ambulances were involved and added: ‘One was hijacked by an armed person with a shotgun.

‘Some minutes later one of our other ambulances managed to stop the hijacked vehicle by crashing into it.

‘Then the police came after the crash and got him.’

Witness Omar Khatuyev had to jump out of the way when the ambulance drove past him, he told Aftenposten.

He said: ‘I saw the ambulance running at high speed opposite me. I had to do a maneuver to avoid a collision.

‘Just behind the ambulance came a uniformed police car. I heard several shots.

‘After a short time, I arrived at the place where the ambulance was stopped, in Krebs gate.’

Police said the ambulance was stopped and the suspect arrested 15 minutes after it was first stolen.

They declined to comment on whether the incident was being treated as a deliberate attack.

A police spokesman said: ‘An armed man stole an ambulance, drove away and hit some people. We got him now.’

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