Arnold Schwarzenegger arranges Tesla Model 3 transport for Greta Thunberg

Actor, politician and electric car advocate Arnold Schwarzenegger has sorted out Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg with some zero emissions transport while she is in the US and Canada – a Tesla Model 3.

Teen climate activist Thunberg has been visiting North America over the last few weeks, most notably arriving by sailing boat as part of her camaign to cut carbon emissions if the planet is to avoid irreversible anthropogenic climate change.

Now, she also has a Model 3 in which to travel between climate-related events in the US and Canada, thanks to a loan organised by the ex-Californian governor.

Schwarzenegger is known for his support of climate-related issues, including the electrification of transport.

Most recently, he starred in a hilarious ad campaign called “Kicking Gas” as part of an “Electric for All” initiative spearheaded by Californian electric car advocacy group Veloz.

The ex-film star owns several electric vehicles, including a converted Mercedes G-Wagon and an all-electric Hummer.

The Hummer is thought to be the world’s first electric version of the iconic American pickup, and is a H1 converted by Kriesel Electric.

Kriesel also converted the star’s Mercedes G-Class wagon, but it isn’t either of these vehicles the star is lending Thunberg.

According to Schwarzenegger’s spokesperson: “Getting his electric Hummer across the country would be quite a challenge so it isn’t his personal car,” the spokesman said. “It’s a Tesla Model 3.”

Thunberg’s fortifying and moving speech at the UN Climate Summit in New York last Monday was met with simply astonishing attacks from right-wing media and an array of conservative politicians including president Donald Trump.

But not so from Schwarzenegger, who went so far to describe himself as “starstruck” when he met the young climate activist in May at a climate summit in his home country, Austria.

Thunberg has also inspired other stars to including actors Woody Harrelson and singer Billy Eilish to make rousing statements about reducing carbon emissions, and has even roused a remix of iconic 90s tune “Right Here, Right Now, first made famous by electronica musician Fatboy Slim, in a mashup by David Scott from The Kiffness.