Reece Ramsey-Johnson was found dead from a gunshot wound outside Lloyds bank in Sydenham on Sunday, September 8 (Picture: Mail Online)

A carjacker died after he accidentally blasted himself in the chest while trying to smash a window with the butt of his shotgun, an inquest has heard.

Officers investigating the death of Reece Ramsey-Johnson said they were satisfied there was ‘no third party involvement’ as they closed the probe into his killing.

Witnesses who saw the 22-year-old dying from gunshot wounds in the street outside a Lloyds bank in Sydenham on Sunday, September 8, said his own gun may have gone off when he used to to hit a car window.

Opening the inquest at Southwark Coroner’s Court on Thursday September 26, Dr Andrew Harris confirmed the police investigation had now ended.

He said: ‘The investigating officer is satisfied there is no third party involvement.

A full inquest into Reece Ramsey-Johnson’s death will be held in the new year

‘Witness testimony suggests the actions of the deceased led to his death, and the police are not conducting a criminal investigation.

Adding: ‘There is reason to suspect this was an unnatural or violent death.’

Dr Harris adjourned the inquest for a full hearing in January

A post-mortem examination found the cause of death was ‘shotgun wounds to the chest’.

Video footage taken at the time showed another masked man shouting ‘he’s shot himself — he’s f*****g shot himself’ as he crouched over Mr Ramsey-Johnson’s dying body.

Witnesses say there was an altercation before he accidentally shot himself with a shotgun (Picture: Mail Online)

A shopkeeper on the high street told MyLondon: ‘A group of guys were sitting in a car by the bank and a big guy came up to them with a shotgun.

‘They all got out of the car and ran so the guy decided to damage the car with the back of the gun.

‘As he was hitting the windows the gun went off and he shot himself – that’s what we’ve been told.’

No members of Mr Ramsey-Johnson’s family attended the brief court hearing.

A 25-year-old man who had been arrested and taken into custody at the time has been released ‘with no further action’ being taken a spokesperson for the Met Police said.

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