Six-year-old AJ Hassanpour-Woods managed to get his mum to hospital (Picture: Liverpool Echo)

A young boy who helped his mother get to the hospital after seeing her ‘screaming in pain’ has been hailed a hero

AJ Hassanpour-Woods, six, sprang into action when his mum Laura Woods, 26, started throwing up, calmly rubbing her back and telling her everything would be okay.

The brave youngster then texted his father Vaheed Hassanpour to say ‘mum is sick’ before calming down his eight-week-old sister Aliyah and giving her a bottle.

Earlier that day, Ms Woods had come home from the shops feeling a slight bit of pain and immediately started throwing up in the bathroom.

She described herself as soon ‘screaming in pain’, and feared the worst because she was home alone with both the young children.

But luckily AJ remained calm in the situation, taking her phone and texting her partner that she was unwell.

He looked after his mum and sister until an ambulance arrived (Picture: Liverpool Echo)

Ms Woods said: ‘At first [Vaheed] thought it was me texting from my phone, but AJ managed to call him and told him he needed to tell his boss he had to leave work and come home.

‘He was saying to me “mum it’s okay, I’ve told dad” while rubbing my back.’

Ms Woods said her newborn daughter Aliyah then started to cry, and AJ fed her some milk before putting her down to sleep.

She said: ‘I always have a bottle ready and he shook the bottle and copied what he’d seen me doing. He was stroking her face and singing rock-a-bye baby to her while she was crying, she was all worked up.

‘I was in a lot of pain and I was just thinking “I’m on my own what am I going to do”, it was just horrible.’

AJ’s mum Laura said she couldn’t be prouder of him (Picture: Liverpool Echo)

Adding that she was incredible proud of her ‘heroic’ son, she said: ‘He didn’t panic and he didn’t cry once. He was really calm.

‘It was like when a paramedic comes in and they’re calm, it was like that. I felt safe with him there.’

Mr Hassanpour made it home within 20 minutes and called an ambulance for his partner.

Once she arrived in hospital, Ms Woods was told a kidney stone had lodged in a tube causing it to swell and fill with fluid.

She’s now urged parents to tell the children about numbers they could call in an emergency, adding that AJ now knows to call 999.

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