Toddlers around the country, and indeed the world, have gone into meltdown after finding out that their favourite character can now be purchased in ‘edible’ sausage form. As yet, our morale agents have not been able to identify where the Peppa Pig sausages are being sold, but we would like to reassure citizens that as soon as the vendor is located, then the sausages will be removed from sale and will be used at the next Ministry of Morale annual BBQ. At first, the sausages were being sold as ‘build a Peppa Pig’ kits but our Morale Enforcement Team quickly established that this was just a way of flogging the sausages to parents who think that feeding sausages to their kids is ‘good’ for them. The Ministry of Morale is urging parents not to buy these sausages for their kids in order to prevent serious and severe morale failures in their offspring. Talking about the situation, our Chief Morale Officer said:
“Squillions of kids enjoy Peppa Pig, but few would enjoy the prospect of eating their favourite character who has been responsible for so much downtime that parents have enjoyed whilst their children watch the marvels of Peppa Pig. “This is why it will be our priority to find those responsible for selling these Peppa Pig sausages so that we can bring them before our morale tribunal so that they can account for their actions. “Whilst we have noted that these sausages are ‘gluten-free’ we cannot condone their distribution unless they are labelled as being ‘Peppa Pig free’. To join the Ministry of Morale’s approved ‘morale group’ on Facebook then CLICK HERE The Ministry of Morale is committed and dedicated to trying to increase the morale of all citizens all over the world. Please note, that our articles are satirical. We have to add this, as some citizens missed out when common sense was being handed out. If you have experienced a sudden morale failure or a sudden drop in morale, for whatever reason, then we would invite you to make a 3 minute VLOG explaining what the morale failure is, when it happened, what you think is responsible for the morale failure and any other information which you think we should know about. We would then invite you to send the video into us, so that we can share it with the general public. Your fellow citizens will then be able to leave comments on the video giving you their advice and wisdom. Please note, that the video must be at least 3 minutes long, must not contain any profanities and/or nudity.
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