Roxy Jacenko's CCTV vision of a woman who she says has been pooping outside her office for weeks.

Roxy Jacenko publicly shames female jogger who keeps pooing outside her office

An early morning jogger keeps taking dumps outside the office of celebrity publicist Roxy Jacenko, and she’s fed up — outing the woman.

Celebrity publicist Roxy Jacenko has exposed an early morning jogger who she says has repeatedly defecated on the street outside her Sydney office.

The Sweaty Betty founder posted a series of videos to her Instagram tonight showing a woman appearing to relieve herself on the street today and last Thursday.

In one incident, captured by CCTV camera on October 10 just after 6.30am, the blonde woman stops between two parked cars on Watson Street in the inner-eastern suburb of Paddington.

Dressed in a pink top and black leggings, she drops her pants and crouches down, holding her phone between her teeth as she does so.

A second video, captured this morning just after 6am, shows the woman jogging down the street on her way to commit the latest unpleasant public act.

Jacenko told the woman’s disgusting deposits have been made on a number of occasions for the past three weeks.

CCTV shows the woman crouching down between two parked cars to poop.

“The whole street has been wondering what is going on,” Jacenko said.

“Today was the most recent (poo) so it was time to look at the cameras. We thought it must be a homeless person who had no other choice. You can only imagine our horror that it was a nimble young blonde on her regular jog of a morning.”

The cameras show the poo jogger has struck on several occasions, often in the early hours of the morning — not just under the cover of darkness but also as dawn breaks.

It doesn’t appear this is a targeted attack against the high-profile media personality, but merely a case of a dawn defecator with a preferred dumping ground.

The woman striking again this morning.

“The street is lined with magnificent historic terraces and adjacent to the Paddington Public School,” Jacenko said.

“Dog owners need to pick up their pooches’ poop. What is the world coming to when we have to hose down human faeces to enter our premises and for our neighbours to enter their properties?”

Within an hour, her Instagram posts had attracted thousands of comments.

The perpetrator’s face is fairly clear in one video, and Jacenko said it’s “inevitable” she will be identified.

“And rightly so,” she said.

This isn’t the first case to emerge of a public pooper in suburban streets.

In mid-2018, fed-up residents of a unit block in Greenslopes in Brisbane banded together to orchestrate a sting operation to unmask their own poo jogger.

It led to the arrest of corporate executive Andrew Macintosh, 64, who had defecated outside the property on at least 30 times in the space of 12 months.

A night vision camera was set up, which produced a now-iconic image of Macintosh bent over doing his business.

The infamous Brisbane ‘poo jogger’ who was defecating outside a unit block for a year.

Poo jogger Andrew Douglas Macintosh pictured at his home in Brisbane.

Just months later, a blonde woman was caught on security camera pooing outside a bottle shop in Pyrmont in Sydney, with reports she had been leaving a trail of ‘destruction’ throughout the suburb for weeks.

Since discovering a human was behind the poo in her street, Jacenko said she has done research on the bizarre trend of public pooping.

Jacenko said her neighbours have spoken to police about the incidents and she’s willing to provide the footage to assist an investigation.

A NSW Police spokesperson said a formal investigation has commenced.

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